Info on Maquilas

Border Environmental Justice: Arroyo Alamar

Environmental Health Coalition, Colectivo Ollín Calli, and members of the Colectivo Chilpancingo Pro Justicia Ambiental, Jóvenes Pro Justicia Ambiental, residents of the Colonia Chilpancingo and neighborhoods adjacent to the Arroyo Alamar and their supporters announced the submission of a petition to procure an injunction against the Arroyo Alamar channelization project that the National Water Commission is developing. More info: Arroyo Alamar.

This is the connection with maquilas: the creek will be destroyed to create a highway linking the maquiladora industrial parks in Tijuana to the maquiladora warehouses in San Diego (Otay). While the highway is perhaps needed, the Alamar creek and its environment does not have to be destroyed to build a new road, especially in a zone where water is a very limited resource.


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