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Continental Tire Co. tries to bust Mexico's Rubber Workers Union

Feb 4, 2011

Negotiations for the industry-wide master union contract for workers that make tires in Mexico are regulated and coordinated by Mexico’s Secretary of Labor every 2 years.

Secretary of Labor Javier Lozano has summoned Continental, Tornel-JK, Bridgestone-Firestone, Michelin, and the unions representing the workers in those global companies to attend the opening contract bargaining session on February 3, 2011. But a few days ago, in an obvious maneuver to bust its workers’ union, Continental sought legal authority to not participate in the negotiations.

The unions that form the Union Rubber Coalition of Mexico challenge Continental’s maneuver as a heavy handed effort to kill the hard earned law that enables rubber workers to have a union contract.

We must not allow global corporations to continue exploiting workers and undermining worker rights in the countries where they operate. Continental's refusal to bargain could force workers across the rubber industry into a national strike.

Please send a letter to Continental telling them to cease this outrageous behavior.

To: Dr. Felix Gress (Vice-President) E-mail: ; Dr. Christiane Pfeiffer E-mail ; Dana Zamalloa E-mail: ; copy to Enlace:

Sample Letter:

Dear Mr. Gress, Pfeiffer and Zamalloa,

I am writing to inform you that, along with the Union Rubber Coalition of Mexico and their allies, I am outraged by your decision to not participate in the national union rubber industry contract negotiations to be convened by the Mexican Secretary of Labor on February 3, 2011.

Mexican law requires that the workers’ unions and employers must participate in the worker-employer negotiation convening. Your representative in Mexico is hindering the legally mandated process by not complying with this requirement.

I ask you to rectify your indefensible position in this matter in accordance with Mexico’s law and your moral responsibility to the workers in this country that have provided so much value to your business.

I will be following this process closely.

Thank you

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