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Maquiladora Workers of Ciudad Juárez Protest!

Maquiladora Workers of Ciudad Juárez Protest!

David Bacon. The Maquiladora Workers of Juárez Find Their Voice 
The Nation, Nov 20, 2015 Ciudad Juárez—After more than a decade of silence, maquiladora workers in Ciudad Juárez have found their voice. The city, just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas, is now the center of a growing rebellion of laborers in the border factories. At the gates to four plants, including a huge 5,000-worker Foxconn complex, they have set up encampments, or plantons, demanding recognition of independent unions, and protesting firings and reprisals.

The Juarez Workers' Fight Crosses the Border in 2016 
By Frontera NorteSur
Beginning in the summer and fall of 2015, a wave of worker protests over low wages, sexual harassment and other adverse working conditions broke out in four foreign-owned factories, or maquiladoras, in the northern Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez. In a city where genuine union representation in the export plants is practically unknown, the workers' demands for independent unions stood out.

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