Info on Maquilas

Info on Maquilas

Información sobre las maquilas de Tijuana
Information about Tijuana maquiladoras

Buscando chamba en las maquilas de Tijuana 
Un reporte de las maquilas de Tijuana: cuantas, cuales, de donde, etc.

 Las maquiladoras médicas de Tijuana: Salud para unos, enfermedad para otras 
Un reporte de la maquiladoras médicas de Tijuana; el sector de las maquilas de mayor crecimiento en Tijuana

Medical Maquilas in Tijuana: Health for some, illness for others 
A report of the Tijuana medical maquiladoras—the fastest growing sector of maquiladoras in Tijuana.

Este documental es una vision de las maquilas de Tijuana y la globalización desde la perspectiva de trabajadoras y residentes de Tijuana. 
Extraordinary documentary where maquiladora workers and activists discuss the history of the maquiladora industry in Tijuana, the relationship with NAFTA, the labor and living conditions, the complicity of the government with the maquiladora exploitation, the major obstacles for organizing in the production lines, and more.

Border Environmental Justice: Arroyo Alamar 
Environmental Health Coalition, Colectivo Ollín Calli, and members of the Colectivo Chilpancingo Pro Justicia Ambiental, Jóvenes Pro Justicia Ambiental, residents of the Colonia Chilpancingo and neighborhoods adjacent to the Arroyo Alamar and their supporters announced the submission of a petition to procure an injunction against the Arroyo Alamar channelization project that the National Water Commission is developing.

  Info on Maquilas

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